Fitness & Aquatics

Offering more than 80 fitness classes a month, our team of certified fitness instructors and personal trainers will help you get moving and stay motivated.

Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Jump into one of our many group fitness classes. These classes are free for all members.

Kate teaching

Aquatic Fitness

Get your heart rate up in one of our pool classes. All of our aquatic classes are included in your membership.

man lifting

Specialty Fitness

Get more out of your workout. Buy a 12-class specialty fitness class for just $75*.

PT Session

Personal Training

One-on-one fitness training makes it all about you.

women walking

Medical Fitness

If you need help managing a medical condition, we’re here to help.

woman doing yoga

Fitness Programs

Special fitness programming just for you.

*A 12-pack class pass is $75 for members, $99 for nonmembers.

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