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Community Healthy & Wellness

Our Community is at the Heart of Everything we do!

Take advantage of the vast community health programs offered through Tamarac – From wellness programs to school health and a wide array of community partnerships, we can collaborate with you to improve our community’s overall health and quality of life.

Classes, Events & Wellness Programs

Get involved with these great classes that are offered at Tamarac and throughout Newaygo County. For more information about programs and services available call 231.924.3073.


Join Gerber Hospital the second Thursday of every month as we discuss ways to keep your mind and body healthy. Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies is free and open to the community. Registration is required for this virtual event. Call 231.924.3073 to register or for an upcoming schedule of topics.


Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial’s free Early Childhood Nutrition classes will prepare you for all the changes that happen as your child grows so that you excel at childhood nutrition. This is a two-part series. Participants may attend both classes or choose which age group would be appropriate. Class 1: Pregnant moms, 0-6 months & Class 2: 6-24 months. You will get valuable information that can make feeding time more successful for you and your child. Our classes also include information on nutrition during pregnancy and help with breastfeeding. Join our classes, get useful tips and win a free gift! Registration is required. Please call 231.924.6776.

Learn about:

  • Transitioning to solid foods
  • Food safety
  • Bottle weaning
  • Avoiding picky eating pitfalls
  • Nutrition during pregnancy
  • Nutrition for nursing moms
  • Important nutrients for your baby
  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Gerber Hospital partners with Share Our Strength to offer this programming.  Share Our Strength is a national organization working to end childhood hunger by inspiring families to make healthy, affordable food choices.  Their programs teach participants with limited food budgets how to shop for and cook healthy meals.  Each series lasts 6 weeks with each class lasting 1.5-2 hours; commitment to each class is required.  Call 231.924.3073 for more information.

Cooking Matters curricula includes:

  • CM for Families
  • CM for Parents
  • CM for Teens
  • CM for Kids
  • CM for Adults
  • CM for Childcare Professionals

Let us help you quit for good!

  • Free classes in Fremont and Newaygo
  • Free individual coaching to fit your needs
  • Classes on-site and on-line
  • Free on-line support group
  • Free month pass to Tamarac

We will help you:

  • Find the best nicotine replacement for you (patch, gum, lozenge, inhaler)
  • Ask your primary care provider for prescriptions that can help you quit tobacco

Special programs for:

  • Youth
  • Pregnant moms
  • Families who want to quit together

Our Tobacco Treatment Specialists have the tools to help you quit!

Shelly Klochack, MSN, BSN, RN, TTS

Caitlin Mitchell-Schucker, CHES, TTS



Free, 1 hour training on suicide prevention.

This training is for everyone. It does not set anyone up to be an expert on this subject, as we know there are mental health experts, but also know that these experts are not always available or always the people who someone might initially reach out to in a time of distress. Rather, the training is to help raise awareness on warning signs, risk factors, myths vs. facts, and better equip you on what conversion around this subject looks like, how to support, how to guide, and how to provide hope to someone who is hopeless.

Attendees are provided a booklet that includes everything covered during the training as well as a local resource guide for referral information.

To register or inquire about future community offerings please call (231) 924.3073.

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LiveWell Newaygo County

LiveWell Newaygo County is a county-wide coalition hosted by Gerber Memorial’s community health team. The mission is to improve the health of the residents and environment in Newaygo County. Through a collective impact approach, the coalition works together under specific operating guidelines, in an effort to become the healthiest county in the state of Michigan.

Advanced Care Planning

As a capable adult, you have many rights when you receive health care. You have the right to be told about your medical choices and their benefits and risks. You also have the right to accept or refuse these choices. Whatever you decide, it is important to talk about your decisions with your physicians, other health professionals and those close to you. You may also put your plans for future medical care in writing, in case you become unable to make your own decisions.

Advance care planning is a process for you to:

  • Understand possible future health choices
  • Reflect on your choices in light of the values and goals important to you
  • Discuss your choices with those close to you and the health care providers who care for you
  • Make a plan for future health care situations

Start your advance directive today.

Call 231.924.3073

This process may only take a short period of time or it may take many months. What is most important is that you begin now and take the time you need to understand, reflect, discuss and create a plan that will work best for you and those closest to you.

To start or to get more information, call 231.924.3073, or email

Coordinated Approach to Child Health

Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) is an in-school health initiative being implemented within the Newaygo County public school districts.  CATCH efforts include:

  • CATCH (health) lessons for all K-5th grade students
  • Well-represented CATCH (wellness) Committees who meet regularly to focus efforts on enhancing the school environment to teach, reinforce and reward healthy behaviors and coordinate communication.
  • Creating a healthy learning environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice
  • Tracking of updated wellness policies, new campus-wide healthy practices and the number of environmental supports put in place
  • Collaboration between school staff, Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial & MSU Extension

For more information, visit:

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Regional Support Groups at Tamarac

Information. Inspiration. Support. For survivors and patients, families, and caregivers. All support groups are free.  No registration required. Walk-ins welcome. Virtual option available. For more information, call 231.924.3073

Cancer Support Group

Patients, families and caregivers: Join every month as we discuss various topics regarding cancer, treatment, recover and loss. The cancer support group meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Parkinson’s Support Group

Patients, families and caregivers: Join every month as we discuss various topics regarding Parkinson’s disease. The Parkinson’s support group meets on the third Thursday of each month from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Stroke Support Group

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in America. Join us the first Thursday of each month from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. for a discussion led by topic experts on stroke recovery issues.

Alzheimer's - Dementia Support Group

Join us the fourth Thursday of every month from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. for free information, inspiration and support as we discuss various topics regarding Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and memory loss. Patients, families and caregivers are welcome.

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Motivate Wellness Coaching

Motivate is a free health coaching program to help you identify your goals, strengths, and challenges. Working with a health coach, you will create a step-by-step plan to fit your individual needs and help you reach your health and wellness goals. The health coach will support and encourage you as you work to make positive behavior changes that impact your health.

Health Coaching may be right for you if:

  • You are trying to manage a condition
  • You need help setting realistic goals
  • You need accountability and support
  • You are serious about changing lifestyle habit(s)
  • You need strategies to follow through with positive behavior changes

What you can expect working with a health coach:

  • 12 virtual or telephonic 30 min. coaching sessions weekly or bi-weekly with a certified health coach
  • Post session follow-up after six months

Our hope is that the health coaching experience leaves you feeling energized and confident to independently embark on new areas of health and wellness.

For more information contact 231.924.3073.

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Weight Management

At Tamarac, we offer three excellent programs that will help you on your weight management journey.  Experience Weight Empowered, Weight Empowered Plus (WE+), and OPTIFAST®.  Each can help you on your way to a more fulfilled and healthy life.


Free, weekly support for weight management

  • Mondays at 11:00am at Tamarac
  • Mondays at 5:30pm at Tamarac (virtual option available also)
  • Wednesdays at 11:00am (virtual only)
  • Wednesdays at 3:30pm (virtual only)

For more information, call 231.924.3073.


Weekly meeting with a personal health coach who offers one-on-one expertise in nutrition, coaching and wellness to guide individuals in finding their healthiest selves

  • $10 per month for members
  • $20 per month for non-members

For more information, call 231.924.3073.


Meet with a program physician for initial physical evaluation. Meet with health coach to go over the details of the program before or after you meet with program physician. Attend weekly WE (Weight Empowered) classes for group support and accountability (FREE class).

  • Mondays at 11:00am at Tamarac
  • Mondays at 5:30pm at Tamarac (virtual option available also)
  • Wednesdays at 11:00am (virtual only)
  • Wednesdays at 3:30pm (virtual only)

Register for WE+ 1 on 1 health coaching sessions and schedule a weekly time to meet (30 minutes each week, $10/month for members and $20/ month for non-members). This is where we will discuss challenges and successes specific to you and your schedule and work on behavior changes that will help you see success.

Total fees:

  • $150 for physician fee (includes initial visit as well as a follow up visit on week 24)
  • $10/month for members or $20/month for non-members, WE+ weekly health coaching
  • Meal replacements, approx. $80/week for the first 8 weeks and less each week following.

Structure of OPTIFAST: Weeks 1-8 

4 meal replacements each day
3 vegetables each day
2 fruits each day
1 healthy fat each day
8-12 cups of water each day

Weeks 9-16 – Transition off meal replacements

Weeks 17-24 – Continue to focus on transition to grocery store food and continued weight loss or maintenance

For more information, call 231.924.3073.

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