Corporate Partnerships

Unlock Corporate Partnership Opportunities at Tamarac

Healthy employees are more productive employees.

If you’re looking to create a happier, more productive workplace, we can help. As a corporate partner, you can give your employees everything Tamarac has to offer, at a discounted rate.

For your employees that take advantage of this discount, you will see better time management, more productivity and a healthier work environment.

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  • Reduced turnover
  • Improved productivity and employee moral
  • Decreased healthcare costs*
  • Free wellness consult for enrolled employees
  • Free quarterly brown-bag lunch and learns
  • Discounted membership
  • Waived enrollment fee
  • Custom check-in reporting as requested
  • Customizable membership options
  • 20% off personal training
  • 10% off services and product at The Skincare Center & Spa
  • 10% off at the Cafe
Beyond Fitness

Fixing bad habits and healthy living can be hard without the expertise and encouragement of people who really know what they’re doing. As a corporate partner, you and your employees will have access to a full range of health services offered by Tamarac and Gerber Hospital.

  • Quit tobacco classes and individual coaching
  • Health coaching
  • Medical fitness
  • Weight loss and weight management programing
  • Diabetes education
  • MedNow at work
  • And more!

Ready To Become A Corporate Partner?

Contact us more today to become a Corporate Partner with Tamarac Wellness Center: 231.924.1481