Diabetes Programs

Diabetes Prevention & Management Programs at Tamarac

You may have been referred to Spectrum Health Diabetes Education Services by your doctor. Or, if you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes and you just want to learn more, ask your doctor about a referral for education. Your health and well-being are in your hands. At Tamarac, we want you to not only live with diabetes but to live well. We can help you learn what you need to know to feel your best, because, yes, your diabetes can be managed.


Feeling your Best

Diabetes can lead to serious health problems. It can do major damage to the heart, eyes, nerve endings, kidneys and feet. Risks for these problems are much lower if blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are well-managed. Diabetes Education Services will show you how to lower your risks and stay healthy.

Become and Expert In Your Own Care

No one is more important in managing your diabetes than you. Diabetes Education Services will help you learn how to:

• Lower your blood sugar and lose weight if needed
• Fit your favorite foods into a healthier lifestyle
• Easily count your carbohydrates
• Find classes that fit your schedule


Got Diabetes? Get Educated!

Group and one-on-one training sessions are offered at Tamarac and personal visits are available. Topics include:

• Understanding diabetes or pre-diabetes
• Reducing health risks and making healthy lifestyle changes
• Blood sugar checks
• Meal planning, recipes and reading food labels
• Medications and how to use them

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