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Together for a Healthier Newaygo County

Our community is at the heart of everything we do.


Every day we’re working with community leaders and organizations throughout Newaygo County, using innovative, evidence-based methods to improve the health and lives of the people we serve. We are committed to addressing our community’s health needs today and well into the future. Our strategic partners in this effort include our schools and their  dedicated educators and staff; faith communities; health agencies at all levels; nonprofits that provide a wide range of services to meet community needs; and community leaders and policymakers.

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MI Way to Thrive

MI Way to Thrive works with community members in need to address social determinants and provide assistance navigating the complicated healthcare system. Through social services and in-home support, our team works with strategic community partners to help MI Way to Thrive participants connect with the resources they need to become self-sufficient and thrive. The goal is to improve self-sufficiency, quality of life and health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs and the need for public assistance.


Neighbor2Neighbor (N2N) is a population health program that creates partnerships between Gerber Memorial and community partner organizations such as churches, social groups and/or workplaces within Newaygo County.


This program functions in three complementary areas:

  • Building relationships between the health system and community organizations
  • Educating the community on topics such as navigating the health system, basic disease management and health promotion
  • Empowering community volunteers to provide basic hands-on support services for patients

N2N empowers volunteers at community organizations to provide basic nonclinical support for stress-inducing issues such as pets, household chores, groceries, meals and emotional needs. This patient-centered network works to improve patient outcomes, reduce readmissions and reduce preventable mortality with the end result being a healthier community.

Early Childhood Nutrition Program: The First 1,000 days

Our free Early Childhood Nutrition Program is designed to give moms-to-be, new moms, parents and caregiver’s information about the best evidence based nutrition for mothers and babies. Sponsored by Nestlé/Gerber Products, the program will help you ensure your child is getting a strong start with the right food at the right time.  Focus areas include nutrition during pregnancy, nutrition for nursing moms, important nutrients for babies, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, transitioning to solid foods, food safety, bottle weaning and avoiding picky eating pitfalls. During this three-class series’, food is prepared and served, and participants are given educational materials and a prepared meal to bring home to share with their family.

LiveWell Newaygo County

LiveWell Newaygo County is a county-wide coalition hosted by Gerber Memorial’s community health team. The mission is to improve the health of the residents and environment in Newaygo County. Through a collective impact approach, the coalition works together under specific operating guidelines, in an effort to become the healthiest county in the state of Michigan.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Newaygo County has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state of Michigan. It’s a community health concern that has been identified as a top area of focus on multiple agencies Community Health Needs Assessment’s, and has been identified as an area to be addressed by LiveWell Newaygo County. Funds have been awarded to the LiveWell coalition to address this community concern, which are being used to bring education and awareness to our school districts through an evidence based curriculum. In addition a more direct one-on-one approach is being taken through the use of community health workers who provide coaching, mentoring and life-long goal setting as a way to educate our teens while reducing risky behaviors.


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