Conference Room Rental

Conference Room Rental

The Possibilities Room is partitioned into thirds. The Room may be rented in its entirety, two-thirds section or a one-third section. See rental schedule below for pricing. Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial associates and non-profit organizations receive a $25 discount.

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Room Rental:

Full Room (up to 72 people)

  • Full Day (4-8hr): $350.00
  • Half Day (0-4hr): $210.00

2/3 Room (up to 48 people)

  • Full Day (4-8hr): $235.00
  • Half Day (0-4hr): $140.00

1/3 Room (up to 24 people)

  • Full Day (4-8hr): $120.00
  • Half Day (0-4hr): $75.00

Conference Room #4 (up to 6 people)

  • Full Day (4-8hr): $60.00
  • Half Day (0-4hr): $38.00

Use of Kitchen (additional to room rental charges)

  • Full Day (4-8hr): $25.00
  • Half Day (0-4hr): $25.00

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(tables and chair are supplied; lessee is responsible for setup)

  • 24 Chairs per 1/3 Room Rental
  • 12 Tables per 1/3 Room Rental