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New Member Information

What is Tamarac?
At Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial, we have committed to improving the health of our communities by providing both clinical and community based wellness programs through the medical wellness center, Tamarac.

At Tamarac, a member of Spectrum Health, you can create a fitness journey unique to you and your wellness goals.  Your wellness team will consist of a Member development representative, a fitness specialist, and a fitness technician.  Through enrolling as a Member of Tamarac, you can expect to experience:

  • A wellness consultation where you will collaborate with your fitness specialist on the best plan for you.
  • An equipment orientation
  • A FitLinxx orientation or personal training sessions based on your choice.
  • Encouragement, education and information throughout your wellness journey.
  • Your wellness support team will be your resource for goal attainment and other valuable services offered by Tamarac and Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial.

What is the difference between a medical wellness center and a traditional health and fitness club?

  • Focus that looks beyond exercise to lifestyle modification and health improvement programs, community education and a healthy outlook for all involved
  • Medical oversight, supervision and guidance
  • Close alliance with Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial, physician(s) and paramedical personnel
  • A high level of staff education, competency and certifications from highly respected medical organizations
  • Programs that bridge the gap between hospital care, rehabilitation services and other health challenges.
  • A high level of staff proficiency in dealing with emergency situations

What are the benefits of Membership?
Membership includes access to a professional staff and state of the art equipment, 104 hours per week.  Membership also includes access to several of the education programs and group exercise classes, such as aerobics, aquatics, yoga and others.  Tamarac hours can be found here.

How do you classify Memberships?

  • Primary: An individual, age 15 and above, who pays an individual enrollment fee and designated monthly dues
  • Secondary: An individual who permanently resides at the same address as the Primary Member and pays the enrollment fee and designated monthly dues
  • Additional Dependents: Legal dependent, age 13-24, living at the same address as the Primary Member who pays the enrollment fee and designated monthly dues

Tamarac extends full Membership privileges to adults and children age 13 and older (limitations may apply to certain areas of Tamarac), along with providing programs and activities for younger children who are properly supervised. Children under the age of 15 must be supervised by a responsible Member, unless they are in a supervised class. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed in the cardiovascular or strength training areas. The Tree House child watch area is provided for children ages six weeks through 12 years old.

Is there a special discount for seniors?
Senior Citizens may take advantage of discounted enrollment fee.  Monthly Membership dues are not discounted. 

Do you have a special Membership for people who only use the track or pool?
No. Membership status is for use of the entire facility.

Do you run specials on enrollment or monthly fees?
Yes. Tamarac does run specials on the enrollment fee, but there is no discount on monthly dues. For information on current specials, call 231.924.1863

Will low income people have access to Tamarac?
A special fund has been established to provide assistance for those who qualify and may not be able to afford Membership on their own.  Applications are available for this program two times per year, March and September, at the Welcome Center.

What is the enrollment fee?
The enrollment fee is a required valuable component of Membership. The fee includes a wellness consultation performed by professional fitness specialists to help each Member on his or her own unique pathway to improved health. Members must complete a comprehensive health risk assessment, sub-maximal stress test (to assess aerobic fitness), body fat assessment and testing of flexibility and upper body strength (depending on physical ability). Upon completing all components of the health enrollment process, you will work closely with your fitness specialist on creating personal goals and corresponding exercise and activity prescriptions. Our staff will ensure you understand how to correctly implement your unique program and will be available to assist you with program progression at all times.

Do I have to pay the enrollment fee each year?
No. The enrollment fee is a one time fee to join the facility, as long as a person maintains Membership.

Do I need to make an appointment to sign up?
Yes. Tamarac does recommend that you make an appointment to meet with one of our Member Development Representatives (MDR). During your appointment the MDR will review all information on Tamarac pertaining to you and show you everything the wellness center has to offer. You may set up an appointment by stopping at the Welcome Center or by calling 231.924.1863.

What do I need to bring with me to my enrollment appointment?
You will want to bring your schedule, so you can set up a time for your wellness consultation, and your credit card or checking/ savings account information, as billing is done electronically. You will also need to provide payment for your enrollment fee and prorated dues for the month you join.

When do you run monthly billing?
Tamarac runs billing the first of each month. In order to keep costs down and make billing as convenient as possible, billing is done electronically. Payments may be made with a major credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover), or electronically deducted from a checking or savings account.

If I join now and my husband wants to join later, how does that work?
The first Member joins as the Primary Citizen. Later, a spouse or dependent can join for a reduced enrollment fee and reduced monthly fee.

If I join half way through the month will I still have to pay for a whole month of dues?
No. Depending on the day you enroll, you will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of that month.

Can I freeze my Membership?
Members may place their Membership on temporary hold for specific health-related reasons or temporary relocation (employment, family, etc.) for a low monthly fee. Tamarac reserves the right to require proper documentation. Freezes are only granted in calendar month increments and are not retroactive. Members may freeze for a period of no less than two, but no more than six months.

What if I want to cancel?
In order to assure proper billing, Members are required to give a seven day notice prior to the end of the month when canceling a Membership. Members must complete a cancellation request form to begin the cancellation process. Re-enrollment at a later date will be subject to terms and conditions applicable at that time, including payment of enrollment fees and all outstanding balances.

Can I bring a guest to the facility?
Yes. Members may bring guests to the facility at any time for a fee of $10. We encourage guests who are unsure about becoming a Member to come into the facility to try it.

Can non-Members attend programs?
Yes. However, non-Member fees are more expensive than Member fees.  Non-Members may also use Ahhh, the Spa at Tamarac, enjoy the Two Worlds Café and attend community educational offerings.

How do I get a locker?
Half-sized lockers are available for daily use without charge. Members will be required to bring a personal lock and remove it at the end of their visit. For a small monthly fee, Members have the option of renting a locker. The locker rental includes laundry service for exercise shorts, socks and tops.  A Member must sign a waiver to allow laundry to be put back in his or her locker.

What is the Tree House?
The Tree House child watch is designed for children between the ages of six weeks through 12 years old whose parents are in the facility. Tree House may be used for up to 2 ˝ hours. There is a daily fee of $4 per visit for the first child and $3 per visit for the each additional child.  A 30 visit pass can be purchased for $60 (no expiration date). 

What are some frequently used phone numbers?
Welcome Center: 231.924.1600
Enrollment Questions: 231.924.1863
Fax: 231.924.1870
Rehabilitation: 231.924.3195

Member Development Representatives
Phone: 231.924.1863

Jackie Hite | Becky Strayer
For General Membership Inquiries, email

Discover everything Tamarac has to offer with a free day pass! Free day passes are available for first time guests.
Click here to request your pass.

Tamarac provides an opportunity to introduce friends and community members to our facility. The primary obligation of Tamarac, its services and staff, is to our Members.

All guests must register and pay $10 at the Welcome Center. Guests must adhere to all guidelines, rules and regulations.  If using a guest pass through our complimentary program, please note you are allowed one complimentary experience per calendar year.

  • All guests must complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire and waiver of liability statement to use Tamarac.
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany all guests who are 13 to 14 years of age or present an authorization form for release of liability to another adult.
  • Appropriate attire must be worn at all times when using Tamarac. Shoes and shirts are required in all areas outside of the locker rooms and pool areas. Only shoes with non-marking soles are permitted on the fitness floor.
  • Guests are required to conduct themselves in a manner that is not disruptive to the Citizens, other guests or employees of Tamarac.

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