Life Performance

Life Performance:

Sports, recreation & function

No matter what your activity, completing an assessment can enhance your success. At Tamarac, we provide assessments, group and personal training sessions and for a small additional fee, reassessments to measure your progress.

Life Performance Assessment: $75

  • Assessment conducted by doctors of physical therapy with 3-D Movement Analysis Performance System (MAPS)
  • 3-D MAPS: assessment for strength, stability, mobility and dynamic balance
  • Printout complete with assessment results, assessment score and take-away exercises

Additional Life Performance Support

Certified personal trainers will collaborate with doctors of physical therapy to develop an individualized exercise prescription for a sports-performance and injury-prevention program.

  • Six, 45-minute personal training sessions conducted by certified personal trainers – $170
  • Individual personal training sessions at (only with Life Performance Assessment purchase) – $30 each

Life Performance Reassessment: $25

  • Reassessment conducted by doctors of physical therapy